v8 experiences

 BATHURST, NSW - 27/28 February 2012
The whole experience was excellent. John Bowe as well as Steven Johnson are two VERY LOVELY MEN. Both went out of their way to stop and talk and sign you photo. Would highly recommend this to anyone.

 BATHURST, NSW - 27/28 February 2012
Bathurst Drive day is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Now I know why the mountain has so much respect among fans and drivers alike. Awesome experience! 

 BATHURST, NSW - 27 February 2012
Mt Panorama Was the Best experience I've had with you guys yet. It certainly SETS THE BAR HIGH.

 SANDOWN, VIC - 22 January 2012
All i can say is WOW! The staff were amazing and my session started at 9am and we out of there at 11. The experience was one of the best days of my life.

 SANDOWN, VIC - 21 January 2012
A great day that ran very smoothly. It was my second drive experience (Bathurst last Easter was my first) and I found it to be just as EXCITING and challenging! My coach was Wayne and I found him to be an excellent guide for 7 very quick laps.Thanks guys!

 SANDOWN, VIC - 21 January 2012
really just loved the experience, the crew made you feel great and the cars and race gear were all fantastic. I will reccomend it to all my freinds and family as a MUST DO BUCKET LIST ITEM!

 BARBAGALLO, WA - 24th October 2011
Best experience ever..... Staff were first rate, compliments to my incar instructor - he was excellent. What more can you ask?   Sitting in a THUMPING V8 pushing it around the track - life doesn't get much better..........

 BARBAGALLO, WA - 23rd October 2011
I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with the motivation and commitment of all the staff who made me feel like I was the first person they had ever dealt with in regards to this experience. Anyone who didn't enjoy the day, need to take a look at themselves. Well done.

 BARBAGALLO, WA - 22nd October 2011
Keep doing what you're doing. Staff were some of the friendliest I have ever seen, really make the experience a great one. Framed photo was awesome VALUE FOR MONEY and a great momento of the day. Thanx :).

 MALLALA - 16th October 2011
Hi all at V8Race. My name is Peter Penfold.

I had the ABSOLUTE PLEASURE of experiencing V8race today at Mallala Raceway. I felt compelled to send this email to dearly thank each and every staff member from the lady who signed me in right up to the gentlemen who helped me out of my race suit today.

Considering the vast amount of people you guys had to get through for the day, each and every person along the full day were just so courteous and friendly, it just added to what was a most fantastic day. My in car coach, Scott, was just fantastic.

My wife and kids had saved for a darn long time to see me spoilt today as a fathers day gift and what it day it was.

Thank you once again for such a memory and the staff who helped make that memory stick in your customers minds for a darn long time.

 MALLALA - 16th October 2011
The only thing that one can say is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. There were 3 of us that did the experience together and here we are 24 hours later, still raving about our experience. The setup was professional, well organised and everyone that assisted us from the initial check in, drivers briefing, to the suit and helmet crew, to the lady photographer, and the sales staff when collecting our photos were friendly, jovial, corteous and just plain great. I had the opportunity of having Craig Williams as my coach when I was behind the wheel, who was the consumate professional, very personable and at all times was calm, reassuring and helped me to get the best out of myself behind the wheel. We also had a number of guests that attended who are now also interested in doing such an event. I have told everyone about this great experience and will continue to do so for some time, most probablY up until the next time I do this, because i certainly will be booking in for another V8 Drive. If you ever need an ambassador for FreemanX just call me. Congratulations to you all for such a wonderful time, and thank you for making my V8 drive so much more than special. My daughter also had the front seat ride in the V8 Drive and her opinion reflects mine, and while she is on her L's now she is looking forward to the opportunity one day of doing a V8 drive. Once again sincerest thanks for one of the best days of my life.

 MALLALA - 16th October 2011
My husband had the BEST TIME what an experience, safety was top priority and the team very professional he will be going back for sure.

 MALLALA - 15th October 2011
It was a great day, this was the second time out at Mallala and first time for a drive. My family came with me and found it a great day too. Thanks guys, TOTALLY ENJOYED MYSELF.

 MALLALA - 15th October 2011
I LOVE v8 racing so to actually experience the driving was awesome. Even recommend getting the USB.

 SANDOWN - 2nd October 2011
Absolute must for THRILL SEEKERS!   Very well organised company, going like clock work. Great for any age.

 SANDOWN - 2nd October 2011
It was a FANTASTIC 50th Birthday present from my family.  I had a great time and it made me feel like a kid again.  Didn't want it to stop, will have to go back.  The information given was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

 SANDOWN - 30th September 2011
It was fantastiic to go as FAST AS YOU CAN around Sandown Park. The people were a great help to show you were you had to go to sign up so you could start your day and "What day and What a experience it was".

 SANDOWN - 30th September 2011
Just keep doing what you are doing it was a great day out change nothing... The day was great...staff great...cars great ..car coach very helpful .. I had a GREAT TIME many thanks.

 BARBAGALLO - 2nd May 2010
G’day guys, I Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the crew at the V8 Race at Barbagallo on the 2nd may 2010.  I wanted to congratulate you all on such a professionally run outfit. I had such an awesome experience that I will never ever forget. The crew were so enthusiastic so willing to make your experience so special. A Special thanks to TRENT and COLIN Thanks boys!! .I’m going to start saving, I HAVE THE BUG!! See you soon.

 EASTERN CREEK - 8th July 2009
The V8 race day experience was a birthday present for my partner Mat, and i can honestly say it was the just such an AWESOME experience for him .It will be a day we will be talking about for ever and a day. We were so excited to be able to see John Bowe. I was just in awe with the whole experience. All the staff should be highly commended, from the moment we were greeted at the gate to the moment we left to head home we felt that each and every staff member went out of their way to ensure we were safe and having the best day possible. Thank you for making our day memorable. 

 EASTERN CREEK - 7th July 2009
Thank you very much for helping me to realize a long standing dream I've had for as long as I can remember. A big thank you to the people at the V8 race who run a very friendly and professional outfit. This is definitely the BEST FUN I'VE EVER HAD SITTING DOWN. The coach I had sitting beside me in the car, made me feel very comfortable in the drivers seat by providing me with confident and sound advice on how to enjoy my experience to the fullest and actually egged me on to push harder, thanks Darryl. A very worthwhile experience I won't forget. Thanks again. 

The team at V8Race were VERY PROFESSIONAL and communicated very clearly with all the drivers & punters. The drive was delayed by rain however the staff were very professional, upbeat and positive on the day. Great experience, thank you - its a shame the experience was over quickly!. Cheers

Had a wonderful day,I WAS IMPRESSED by the professionalism of all your staff and would have no hesitation in recommending this experience to friends. Thanks again.

The experience of driving the V8 around Eastern Creek was great. The instructor was fantastic and was extremely clear and helpful in his instructions on how to drive around the track... I am planning on do this experience again later in the year, but this time opting for a longer stint as the 5 laps go way to fast. Thanks again and hope to see you all soon. 10 OUT OF 10

I had a fantastic time, it was very well organised, the SAFETY was their priority and all the staff were very nice and friendly. My coach was great!! (his name is Mick) i couldn't of ask for any thing more. It was awsome and i can't wait to go back and do it again. 


BRILLIANT - best birthday present ever!
I had organised the event for my brother in laws 50th and he was gobsmacked when he received the voucher. He couldn't believe it and the expectations were massive and the race day experience actual exceeded his expectations. Unbelievable!

The staff were very accommodating, the instructor was very friendly, great customer service.
On top of that he organised for the event to be captured on DVD and he now also has the opportunity to relive the event when ever he wants to.All round a great day thoroughly enjoyed it and was an absolute highlight. He said it was the best birthday present ever.

 One of the BEST DAYS of my life


FABULOUS - I had a great time. The driver was truly exceptional and i wish i could have done another 6 laps after gaining the confidence in the car. Thanks so much for the opportunity i would definitely do it again and recommend it to others.

 FANTASTIC. Great experience. My wife and I are now saving for 10 laps each....

Had a great day, my husband THOROUGHLY ENJOYED the whole experience and would recommend it other people. It was a better time than expected


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