V8 Drive & Ride Front 6 + 3 laps

Location: Sandown Raceway

You know what they say about lightning strikes? Well this miraculous combo defies all odds and is guaranteed to put a smile on their face that can't be wiped away. This is a great value high speed double has them behind the wheel and if that's not enough, also blasting around in the front seat with a real pro driving! They start with pre-drive tuition, then getting fitted into a race suit, feeling the anticipation rise as other cars zoom by. Then choose Ford or Holden, on with the professional helmet and the get safely strapped in while getting tips through the intercom from an in-car coach seated beside them. The adrenalin will rise as they exit the pits and then go full-tilt for 6 laps of performance driving on a championship race track. Just when they think it could get better, there's more excitement in store. They stay suited up for heart pumping action when they jump into the front seat of a hot laps car. Experience ridiculous speeds and G-forces, hanging on, as a CAMS racing pro blasts it for another 3 laps. Laps are measured from pit to pit

Age and License

If you are driving you need to be 18 years or over and carry a Provisional Car License. Passenger riders need to be 135 cm or taller and don't need a license.

Participant Numbers

Pricing for single participant. Drive experiences are one-on-one with a personal in-car coach. Passenger hot lap cars have three ride seats so you may be in the car with two others.

Session Length

Please allow approximately 2 hours for your experience (subject to weather)

Event Arrival Time

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booked session time for registration


Sandown Raceway in Melbourne VIC


591-659 Princes Highway, Springvale, VIC

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Track Length

3.1 kms.Full length V8 Supercar circuit.


Spectators are welcome and are admitted to the track at no charge. No animals or alcohol is permitted.


Choice of Ford or Holden available on the day. All cars are manual with only one auto available.


A BBQ with snacks and drinks for purchase will be available on all weekend race days only.

Size Limits

To avoid disappointment on the day, please understand that the car race seats and suits are not suitable for participants weighing 130 kgs or more. Your safety is our priority and refunds not provided in these circumstances.


Overalls-style race suit will be provided so wear comfortable clothing for suit to cover and enclosed shoes (we recommend runners). Helmet provided so minimize jewellery. If spectacles or sun glasses are worn when driving bring these along.

You can purchase a Twin Photo Framed Souvenir to add to the experience on-line in the Check Out or at the Track on race day.

You can purchase a live action digital In-Car Video to add to the experience on-line in the Check Out or at the Track on race day.

Booking Changes and Cancellations
Once you have made a booking, cancellation charges may apply if you are unable to attend:

$30.00 rebooking fee if booking is changed within 8-14 days from your booked date.
$50.00 rebooking fee if booking is changed 7 days or less from your booked date.

Experience Central do not own or control the venues they operate on. Event dates are subject to change without notice by the venue owner and Experience Central will endeavor to provide alternative dates should this situation arise.

Bathurst Event*
Please note: as Bathurst is an exceptional event, a 60 day cancellation policy applies. No bookings will be refunded or rescheduled within 60 days of the booked event. Vouchers can be transferred to another person if the original participant unable to attend. Lunch bookings purchased are non-refundable.

Experience Central are subject to availability so it is advisable to book at least 8 weeks in advance. Longer advance bookings are recommended for peak times including weekends and holidays.  Weekend dates are at the discretion of Venue owners and their availability is not controlled by Experience Central cannot be guaranteed.

Redeeming Your Voucher
Your voucher is required for redemption on the day of your drive. If you are unable to supply your voucher on the date a credit card number may be requested and held for a period of two weeks awaiting the voucher to be mailed to the Experience Central office. Should the voucher not be received, Experience Central have the right to debit your card for the equivalent transaction amount for the retail cost of the experience.

Your voucher will be valid for twelve months only from the date of purchase. Experience Central will not reissue lost vouchers.  Chrisco & Crew Passes are cash vouchers and must be presented on the race day.

No refunds will be offered on purchased vouchers, however vouchers are transferrable - notification of who the voucher is given to and a booking from the recipient before the voucher expiry allows for every voucher purchased to be used. No refunds will be offered on expired vouchers. Crew Pass vouchers are non-refundable. Booked drives can be rescheduled any time prior to 14 business days before driving. Booking changes within 14 business days are subject to rebooking fees as outlined in Booking Changes and Cancellations above.

If for any reason your selected venue or experience was withdrawn we would make our best efforts to provide your experience through an alternate venue, if this is not suitable you can obtain a refund once the voucher is sent back and received by Experience Central office.

Experience Descriptions
You can contact our customer service team for clarification on any experience. The information supplied is correct at time of publication; however it is abbreviated and may change slightly from time to time without notice.

All experiences unless expressly mentioned in the experience details are supplied excluding transportation to and from relevant venues.
Experience Pictures
The pictures are used as an indication only of the experiences. The venues, vehicles, settings, and equipment may vary.

Session Lengths
Session lengths are an indication only of the time you will be at the venue. You should allow three hours to complete your experience.  This may be extended due to rain or change in track conditions.

Experience Central provides all information regarding any restrictions that may apply i.e. minimum age, weight, health or any other restriction. Please read through the online information sheet and the Indemnity form.

Certain Experience Central experiences supplied may be unsuitable or require alternate arrangements for individuals with a disability. We are happy to make any such practicable arrangements on your behalf. Please make us aware of any such disability prior to your selection of purchase.

The Experience Central cars are purpose built and are not V8Supercars. Ford and Holden Experience Central cars are available on the day but due to demand, you may incur delays for a particular brand. Every effort is made to have an Automatic vehicle available on the day but cannot be guaranteed; not available Barbagallo Raceway, Hidden Valley and Bathurst.

Weather or other factors causing disruption or cancellation
Experience Central are subject to weather conditions. Rain will cause delays and may result in the cancellation of the event. It is strongly recommended that you contact the Weather Check Phone (0412 018 035) for track and weather conditions prior to leaving home. The message is updated at 7 am of the day of the event. If you are not able to participate on the day due to inclement weather, you should reschedule on the day at the track Reception to avoid incurring a rebooking fee; this is only available to participants that are in attendance on the day. Your voucher expiry date will be extended for an additional 12 months only from the date of rain cancellation. 

Experience Central relies on a range of other parties, including but not limited to sports governing bodies, venue owners, event organizers and permit providers, local councils and state government departments, insurance providers, safety officers and medical personnel, to enable their events to be staged. Experience Central cannot control the actions of third parties upon which Experience Central relies to conduct its activities. Experience Central is not liable for any costs or damages incurred by customers in relation to event postponement or cancellations. If Experience Central cannot deliver the purchased experience, your voucher expiry date will be extended for an additional 12 months from the date of said cancellation, fully transferrable. Experience Central is not liable for any additional travel, accommodation or any other costs incurred by participants, their family and friends attending any scheduled Experience Central events.

If you are unsatisfied with your Experience Central experience, please bring it to the attention of the event management on the day. It is important you do this so that both parties have immediate access to a solution. Our ability to fix any issues after the day is often limited.

Experience Central uses a number of agents to supply our products and any purchases through these agents are subject to their conditions and not the conditions of Experience Central. It is recommended that you read the terms and conditions of those agents with regard to refund or voucher expiry dates.

Experience Central has no liability for any damage or loss caused by any negligent omission or act of any service or third party. Experience Central has no liability for any act, default or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, of any service provider. Where Experience Central’s liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the voucher purchased.

Indemnity Form
As per all action events an indemnity form providing your willful participation must be completed on the day of your event and is available at the relevant track Reception area.

Other Information
All Prices are in Australian dollars, include GST and are correct at time of publication. Experience Central reserves the right to change prices without notice. Any change in price will be communicated before a purchase is placed.

V8Race’s website contains the most up to date version of our terms and conditions and supersedes any previous version whether online, print or any other version.

The images, illustrations, and text contained within this website are protected by copyright and must not be replicated in whole or part unless given the express permission of Experience Central Pty Ltd.


  • Loved it . 200 km down the straights, it stops and steers with amazing grip . Definately going again..

    David B.
  • It was one of, if not the best experience I have ever had. Already savin my pennies to do it all over again!! Thanks to all involved for making it such an awsesome day !!!

    Kerri H.
  • My Son & his friend were really nervous prior to their backseat ride to the point where they said they didn't want to do it. After the experience you couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces. Thank you!

    Peter L.
  • This was for my 40th Birthday and I couldnt have thought of a better experience. The staff are sensational, super friendly and helpful. The day was a breeze and the driving experience is something i will cherish forever! Had a superb day and can't thank you enough. Will not hesitate to recommend you guys :)

    Greg P.
  • The video stick idea is great for reliving the experience!!

    Adam C.


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